Wedding Photography Portfolio

My work captures the fun of a wedding day in a creative, relaxed and candid way. I'm all about the colour and the moments. There are a wide range of images below from the getting ready in the morning, lots of lovely ceremonies and super speeches through to the parties in the evening. There are also the in between bits: ushers in a boat, fireworks in the rain, dachsunds in bowties, epic sunsets, many happy tears, a little kung-fu, couple shots under the stars and so much laughter - those unique moments that make up your day.

Below are images from weddings at the circus, safari parks, cinemas, moated country mansions and rustic Cotswold barns. Some are from tiny weddings with a handful of people while others show celebrations for up to 200 guests. I've focussed on the fun, the emotion and the people.


Check-out my reviews page to see what my amazing couples say or head over to the Blogposts page to view some full weddings.

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