A Chinese Hyde House Wedding – Jenny & Vincent

Marcus did an absolutely amazing job as our wedding photographer. He has been so kind and had so much advice for us, going above and beyond during our planning phase and through our numerous postponements. On the day, it was a pleasure working with him, he was always so clear with communication and kept the atmosphere light and funny, whilst still being discreet when needed. He captured all the shots we requested, even if it meant he was nearly always on his feet, busy all day!

When we received the photos (which we got very quickly!), we were just so happy with the high quality, great looking shots that capture all the hilarious, memorable, heartfelt and romantic moments from the day and that we could relive our perfect wedding day through the photos. We are so thankful for all your help and support through the last 2+ years. We would not hesitate to recommend or work with Marcus again.

Chinese Cotswold Wedding Photography – Jenny & Vinny postponed I think 4 times, then finally earlier in 2022, the sun came out and the stars aligned. Hyde House was to be the venue for their wedding day. Often weddings I photograph start with everyone getting ready followed by a ceremony…but Jenny had other ideas! After everyone had dressed, the day started with a selection of Chinese door games known as ‘chuangmen’ prepared for Vinny by Jenny. The games originate from the idea that a bride is a prized daughter, worth so much that her family refuses to marry her off easily. The bridesmaids will refuse to surrender the bride until the groom passes a series of tests! The games Vinny and his boys had to face included learning a dance routine, wearing tutus, eating wasabi, limbo and eating wotsits hung from the balcony on a fishing rod!

After a lot of fun, Vinny had to shout his vows in a declaration of love for Jenny up to the bridal prep room window. Once he’d passed his test, he found an envelope telling him to meet Jenny outside The Grange, Hyde House’s bespoke wedding barn …and there she was! First looks are always exciting but even more so with such a big build up. After a few pictures, Jenny & Vinny went their separate ways to finish getting ready ahead of the ceremony.

Once in the Grange, the big smiles emerged and Jenny & Vinny were wed before heading back to the main barn to meet the owls! No need to re-read that…there were actual owls, and a falcon – Vinny’s surprise for Jenny as it’s her favourite animal! There followed a Chinese Tea Ceremony in which the bride and groom serve tea and in response receive welcome gifts as a symbol of unifying the two families, garden games  and of course a few pictures with just Jenny & Vinny.

The wedding breakfast was highly celebratory and lots of fun- I don’t think I’ve ever spent so long in the room during dinner! The day was rounded off beautifully with a few speeches from the parents, from Vinny and from Jenny before a little dancing. If you are looking for Chinese Cotswold Wedding Photography get in touch! Here’s a selection of previous Hyde House wedding blogs.

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