Cirencester Engagement Photography – Izzy and George

Cirencester Engagement Photography – Izzy and George are getting married at St John the Baptist Church in Latton, Wilstshire in very soon with their reception to be held at Kingscote Barn. They were keen on an engagement shoot for a few reasons but as with most couples, they wanted to get used to having their picture taken. We had a lot of fun exploring the forest and examining the huge variety  of pedigree dogs that Cirencester seems to have to offer!

I like to use a new location for every engagement session. It keeps it fresh for me but it’s also usually a location the couple are comfortable in. There are a few favourites I return to though. Cirencester Park is a very long path with lots of beautiful woodland either side. Apparently it opens up into fields beyond but we never made it that far!

If you are considering an engagement shoot and aren’t sure why or what it involves, click here for more information.

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