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A Priston Mill Wedding – Rachel and Andy

Priston Mill Wedding Photographer – Choosing a location to get ready called ‘Little Paradise’ kind of sums up Rachel and Andy’s wedding day for me. A fun bride and groom surrounded by their friends in family at a beautiful wedding venue – a little paradise. The entire day was stunning – I don’t use that word lightly or often. Candid photography was my first true love and something I very much enjoyed at Rachel and Andy’s wedding – from the tiny special moments before, during and after the ceremony at St John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Bath to the many, many frames captured discreetly at Priston Mill.

The vicar at the church was both welcoming and discursive allowing both of us to work together and ensuring I was allowed to move and access the best spots at the right times with the minimum of disruption. Thankyou! If you are bride or a groom reading this, getting married in a church, ensure the person leading the ceremony is happy to work with your photographer and allow access where necessary. No-one wants 50+ photos of the back of their heads.

Speaking of Priston Mill, it was – as always – immaculate. A big thanks to the team, particularly Paul, for looking after me superbly, it was very much appreciated. The beautiful bouquets that Rachel and her bridesmaids carried were echoed on the tables and the styling throughout the venue. Rachel and Andy didn’t want to spend too long on couple pictures so we didn’t – the resulting images below are the result of around 15 minutes photography before they headed back to their guests.

If there is one thing I am sure of, it’s that the newly married Mr & Mrs Dicks have lots of friends and friendly around them who know how to party – ties around heads by the third song on the dancefloor was a superb effort! I make no excuse for the large number of images below, there was so much going on that each image tells a different story. Enough of my words, enjoy the below.

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