Cuba Travel Photography

Cuba travel photography – After posting Jon and Maria’s Cuban engagement shoot in Trinidad, it seems only right to post a few images of what I got up to on the streets with my camera.

Cuba is a beautiful place. We arrived in Havana first. The sea air has made the buildings look like they are in the middle of a warzone. This adds to the charm for sure but it can’t be pleasant to live in a city with intermittent power which is slowly crumbling away. The tourist money is helping to repair and update the main streets but that doesn’t really help ordinary Cubans. Most earn very little – around £25 a month although a growing number are self employed – the Government grants a licence and the business is then taxed on the number of employees which in essence limits growth. There is no VAT, sales tax, personal tax or corporation tax in Cuba.

Havana (the first half of the blogpost) was enjoyable as a city. A real riot for the senses and full of colour. I preferred Trinidad though. It was miniscule in comparison but as it was so small, I could get where I wanted very easily in the morning whilst it was still dark. It was an incredible experience and one I’d highly recommend.

All images captured with a Nikon D750 and 50mm 1.8 Sigma Art lens.

Havana street photographyHavana street photographyHavana old blue carPicture of che geuvara black and whiteSunrise in Havana streetsMan standing in doorwayHavana bonnet ornamentFruit market in HavanaA man sitting in a doorwayCuban graffitiCuban travel photographyYellow building in HavanaJeans on a washing line in HavanaCharlie chaplin cupcake HavanaMan being pounded by waves on the MaleconCuban flag blowingShadows and lightOld and new HavanaCastro in main squareTobacco factoryEarly morning in Trinidad CubaViva Fidel graffitiCuban lady looking at cameraLady walking near a blue wallcuba travel photographyBoy covering eyes on motorbikelady wringing out towelView through a bus windowFuneral procession in Trinidadcuba travel photographyBarbers in TrinidadCuban man portraitCuba school celebrationsBoy on horse in CubaMarti Day in CubaRed boys sat on wall in Cuba