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Cripps Shustoke Farm Barns Wedding Photography – Sam and Serena

Shustoke Farm Barns photography – There are four Cripps Barns – two in Gloucestershire, one in Warwickshire and one in Northumberland. I’d photographed at the two Gloucestershire venues a lot recently so when Sam and Serena enquired if I’d be free to photograph their Cripps Shustoke Farm Barns wedding, I jumped at the chance. There was so much to photograph on the day – both around the venue with the bride and groom and amongst the guests – and it all needs to be shared. It’s a completely overboard blogpost and I hope you enjoy it!

I’d met Sam and Serena recently in Birmingham for their engagement shoot. I knew the wedding day was going to be a lot of fun and it didn’t disappoint. When the bride is from Australia and the groom was born in Beirut, it was no surprise that there were guests from all over the world – check out that signpost! The styling inside the venue really complemented the brick structure and the balloons and LOVE sign topped it off nicely.

Serena arrived at the venue in a blue Chevy Bel Air – just as she had always dreamed she would – and headed into the barn to meet her husband-to-be. After the ceremony, there was always time for a few shots with the car before we headed off for a few portraits.

The culmination of the day was incredible – there aren’t many weddings that invite belly dancers to perform after the first dance. You might ask Sam the question: ‘What in the name of sanity, has he got on his head?’ He’d probably reply with: ‘It is a Fez. I wear a Fez now. Fezzes are cool.’ However if you aren’t a Doctor Who fan…then no worries, there’s lots of pictures below!

If you are looking for Shustoke Farm Barns photography, use the contact link above to get in touch. The final words go to the happy couple!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! We absolutely love the photos!! Thank you so much! They are all amazing and we can’t wait to share them. 
We just got back from honeymoon yesterday so this is the perfect ‘back to reality’ present!  Serena & Sam xx”

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